Audio Archive

2014 Writing Marathon

"Finding Your Muse"



2012 Writing Marathon

"Letters to New Orleans"



"New Orleans in Words"

2012 Communicator Award of Excellence


2008 Halloween PSA
- Marcom Gold Award


2007 Writing Marathon Documentary
"Teaching Lives"


2004 Writing Marathon Documentary
"The New Orleans Writing Marathon - Revisited"

- Katie Award's 'Best Documentary'
- Collegiate Broadcasters Awards 'Best Documentary'
- The Communicator 'Award of Distinction'

2003 Writing Marathon Documentary
"The New Orleans Writing Marathon"

- The Communicator 'Award of Excellence'

"Avoiding Downed Power Lines (PSA)"
- The Communicator 'Award of Excellence'
- MarCom Creative Awards 'Honorable Mention'

"The Decibel Lounge (Promo)"
- The Communicator 'Award of Excellence'

"Dangerous Sounds: Thomas the Doubting Llama (Promo)"
- The Communicator Awards 'Honorable Mention'

"Katrina: In Their Own Words"





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