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Southeastern Magazine 1996

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Cover Story: Saving a Cypress Swamp. Southeastern scientists are on a mission to save the Manchac Swamp, the beautiful hourglass barrier between lakes Maurepas and Pontchartrain. Leveled by loggers, gnawed by nutria, plagued by a host of natural and man-made threats, the swamp's salvation could be a multi- million dollar cypress reforestation project. By John Kemp.


Professing Professional Scholarships. To most students, "scholarship" means money--college tuition. To faculty, it means activity--research, writing, performing, creating. Who benefits from a faculties' scholarly activity? Everyone, says two of Southeastern's most respected professors. By Michael Kurtz, Ph.D. and Nick Norton, Ph.D.

President's Awards

Shafer Vogt Robison Couvillion Ferguson

Energetic Ecologist. Gary Shaffer's frenetic pace as a researcher spells "burnout" to some, but the young ecologist loves his work and doesn't plan to ever slow down. By Christina Chapple.

Unparalleled Impresario. Harriet Vogt thinks the arts should be accessible to everyone, so that everyone will love and support them. Education is the mission behind the entertainment of the arts festival she founded a decade ago. By Christina Chapple

Hyping History. Bill Robinson believes in giving his students a lively, but straightforward look at history. When he makes bygone days come alive, his students find that studying the past isn't really so tough. By Michelle Chauvin

Welcoming Whiz. Southeastern has been the center of Judy Couvillion's life since she began working on campus as a teenager. Three decades later, she "mothers" students and faculty alike. By Shanna Sissom.

Advising Angel. Anne Ferguson has spent twenty years helping students succeed in both college and life. Knowing she "makes a difference," she says, is her greatest reward. By Shanna Sissom.


Fanfare. Our arts and humanities festival enters its second decade with a star-studded lineup of guests.

Sports. Super shooter Deneka Knowles gets national recognition; four share Athlete of the Year honors.

Alumni. Sports anchor Robin Roberts named 1996's top graduate; new Alumni director Kathy Pittman aims for community-campus closeness, "fun" alumni events.

Development. An affordable way for young alumni to contribute; scholarship donors invest in student success.

Year in Review

After defining the university's mission, goals, and values, the Southeastern community embarked on a year of remarkable accomplishments.

Looking back

Brown: amicable, durable, versatile. Durable, versatile, amicable mathematics professor Robert Brown--teacher, musician, sports fan--has been teaching at Southeastern for 46 consecutive years, an unofficial record . By Vic Couvillion

On the cover: Biology research associate Frank Campo holds one of the small cypress trees he has grown from seed in Southeastern's greenhouse; from phots by Claude Levet; Photoshop by Julie Ruckstuhl.

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