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    Date: 6/11/98
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Editors: Photo accompanies release -- Please note local interest
     HAMMOND --  Three works focuses on social satire and parody by Southeastern
Louisiana University visual arts professor Gary Keown are on display through July 19 at the
Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans.
     The multimedia installations include "Can't Hear the Forest for the Trees," which Keown
describes as a statement on the "high-tech" and "big business" activities of the outdoors,
particularly camping. "Rather than the enjoyment of a trip to a forest where one may appreciate
the environment, today's outdoorsman must carry along the latest and greatest gadgets," said
     For the sculpture, he created a reproduction of an Airstream camper -- "Door closed," he
points out -- complemented by its own satellite dish. The front two "speaker ready" trees are
wired to an audio system projecting sounds of nature interrupted by cartoon, soap opera and
other sounds from the "out-of-nature" world, Keown said.
     "The Unique Antique" deals with the rage to collect old objects, watch old movies and
television shows and reminisce about "the good old days." "In truth, this is fantasy," Keown said.
"I created an 'antique looking' object," he said. "there are two doors which swing open revealing
a video monitor broadcasting assorted images and text on the 'not so good, good old days.'"
     Keown calls "The Diplomatic Wave Making Companion "a social commentary on many
levels, from our vain contemporary plague, the exercise machine, to most importantly, a
statement on social/political correctness."
     "It is amazing how humanhind has lost individual uniqueness for fear of not being
accepted or standing out," Keown said. "In this piece, I incorporate security cameras with
switchers and an interactive 'wave making companion.'"
     The Contemporary Arts Center is located at 900 Camp St. For gallery hours, call 504-
- SLU -

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