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Contact: Christina Chapple
Date: 3/3/04
      HAMMOND -- Southeastern Louisiana University is offering students “life changing learning adventures” this summer though study abroad programs in Costa Rica, Honduras, France, Italy, Germany, Austria,.and Great Britain. 
      “Students can earn up to six academic credits while visiting far off lands in programs that enhance their professional and academic skills as well as their international and cross-cultural experience and their position in the job market,” said Danilo Levi, director of the International Initiatives Office.  
      This summer students can study Spanish, sociology, criminal justice, political science, and business in Costa Rica; nursing, sociology and anthropology in Honduras; French in France; Italian and honors topics in Italy; business in Germany; and history, political science, and music in Austria, Levi said. “There are also programs in Britain and France offered in cooperation with other universities,” he added. 
      Competitive program costs include tuition, lodging and some meals, site visits, and lectures by top local experts. 
      “Programs introduce students to the musical heritage of Austria, the intricacies of European Community politics, the tactics of transnational corporations, the unforgettable colors of Caribbean reefs, the splendors of Mayan civilization, the joys of salsa, the glorious beauty of Italy, and the many ways in which people express the joy of life,” Levi said.  
      He said students who have participated in study abroad in the past describe the programs as “life-changing.”
      “The things that I did and saw… changed me. My perception of the world is far greater and my perception of myself is different,” one participant said, while another said, “I made so many new friends… who  have made a big impact on my life. Traveling abroad was a wonderful experience, especially with a program that was put together so well.” 
      A participant in the Italy program said, “One of the most important things I learned about on the trip was about myself. I gained a deeper insight into what I really want to do, with my life. I would not trade my experience for anything in the world.” 
      Levi said financial aid can be applied to study abroad expenses and scholarships are also available. Southeastern’s Student Government Association provided $30,000 in study abroad scholarships in 2003, and increased its contribution to $60,000 for this year’s programs. “A number of other scholarship programs will bring the total in study abroad scholarships for 2004 to around $70,000,” he said. 
      “All of this reflects the growing importance of international education for succeeding in today’s global society,” Levi said. “Study Abroad programs represent a wonderful opportunity for students to expand their professional and personal horizons and prepare for today’s, and tomorrow’s, challenges.”
      There is still time to enroll in the Summer 2004 Study Abroad Program. Those interested in participating are encouraged to contact Southeastern’s International Initiatives Office, 985-549-2385 or Information on Southeastern study abroad programs is also available online at