Southeastern Lousiana University

Full-time and Part-time Students by Class

 Fall Semester
Full-Time 3,2082,8582,9852,8962,861
Part-Time 2,8493,4553,2193,1773,086
Full-Time 2,0721,9581,9642,2452,122
Part-Time 173177156150175
Full-Time 1,8761,8271,7371,7772,003
Part-Time 191195196155161
Full-Time 2,4242,3772,3122,2762,262
Part-Time 774712771684626
Master's Student
Full-Time 347353332337346
Part-Time 448345366404389
Doctoral Student
Full-Time 715141915
Part-Time 1019410891107
Non-Degree Graduate Student
Full-Time 1518151312
Part-Time 10911513310395

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Source: IR extract files.
Last updated: April 23, 2020

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