Southeastern Lousiana University

Faculty and Staff EEO Classification by Full-Time and Part-Time

 Fall Semester
Full-time 901001107974
Part-time 00000
Total 901001107974
Full-time 499515531537547
Part-time 107109119119121
Total 606624650656668
Full-time 256256265316337
Part-time 4648434424
Total 302304308360361
Full-time 134127128128123
Part-time 8910109
Total 142136138138132
Full-time 2324252424
Part-time 3229323234
Total 5553575658
Skilled Craftsmen
Full-time 7780787782
Part-time 20010
Total 7980787882
Full-time 8985798182
Part-time 45445
Total 9390838587
Full-time 1,1681,1871,2161,2421,269
Part-time 199200208210193
Total 1,3671,3871,4241,4521,462
Ratio Executive/Administrative/Managerial to Total Staff0.
Ratio Faculty to Total Staff0.430.440.440.440.44
Ratio Professional/Non-Faculty to Total Staff0.
Ratio Secretarial/Clerical to Total Staff0.
Ratio Technical/Paraprofessional to Total Staff0.
Ratio Skilled Crafts to Total Staff0.
Ratio Service Maintenance Workers to Total Staff0.

Note: Does not include Graduate Assistants

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Source: IR Personnel extract files.
April 20, 2021

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