Southeastern Lousiana University

Degrees Awarded by Program

[College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences] [College of Business]
[College of Education] [College of Nursing & Health Sciences] [College of Science & Technology]

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
BA English 4138313238
MA English 141215811
AGS in General Studies 3335    
BGS in General Studies 236230229208217
BA in History 3332333733
MA in History 191314713
BA in Political Science 1114181612
BA in Communication 7448555758
MA in Organizational Communications 812996
BA in French 1    
BA in Spanish 135583
BM in Music 2319171613
MMU in Music 961198
BA in Psychology 921048480102
MA in Psychology 25111014
BA in Criminal Justice 9889636981
BA in Sociology 231918217
MA in Applied Sociology 898122
BA in Art 5261684849
Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Total792716689647667
College of Business
BS in Accounting 9394857179
BS in Finance 3239283027
BBA in Business Administration 6455414646
BA in Management 158156139115119
BA in Marketing 7279485067
BS in Supply Chain Management 3516201512
MBA 7061446060
Business Total524500405387410
College of Education
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership 8453654421
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership Technology 208324  
Ed.D. in Educational Leadership 9142214
BS in Early Childhood Education 3637333325
BS in Elementary Education 4549404556
BS in Middle School Education 2418181515
BA in Elementary Education & Special Education 12161195
BA in Middle School Education & Special Education 01205
M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction 47967
M. A. T. in Elementary Education 97640
M. A. T. in Special Education - Early Interventionist 56340
M. Ed. in Special Education 9416155
BA in English Education 171481610
BS in Health & Physical Education 131161614
BA in Social Studies Education 81212104
Education Total283281235219181
College of Nursing & Health Science
BS in Communication Science Disorders 3338463132
BS in Family and Consumer Sciences 6237534450
BS Health Management Systems 02   115
BA in Social Work 4553514750
B.S. Radiologic Science 3411   
MS in Communication Science Disorders 2724242721
M. Ed. Counselor Education 033827203 
MS Counseling 03   2327
BS in Athletic Training 1616161213
BS in Health Education & Promotion 2522181819
BS in Kinesiology 6566107116102
BS in Sports Management 182021921
MS Health & Kinesiology 1817191116
BS Nursing 0417317616014 
BSN Nursing 04   120141
MSN Nursing 4241504546
DNP Nursing Practice 35 84135
PMC Family Nurse Practitioner   131
PMC Psychiatric Mental Health NP   244
Nursing & Health Sciences Total348546592541563
College of Science & Technology
BS in Biology 7993747183
MS in Biology 10781311
BS in Chemistry 898910
BS in Physics 42953
BS in Computer Science 3437274245
BS Information Technology 01  61322
BS in Engineering Technology 3226263439
AAS in Industrial Technology 131381112
BS in Industrial Technology 3941454347
BS in Occupational Health, Safety & Environment 1723282727
BS in Mathematics 1914141010
M.S. in Integrated Science & Technology 861293
Science & Technology Total263271265287312

01 The BS in Information Technology program was first introduced in 2013.
02 The BS in Health Management Systems program was first introduced in 2014.
03 The MEd in Counselor Education program was discontinued and replaced with the MS in Counseling in 2016.
04 The BS in Nursing program was discontinued and replaced with the BSN in Nursing in 2016.
20 The MEd in Educational Leadership Technology program was discontinued in 2014.
33 The AGS in General Studies program was discontinued in 2012.
34 The BS in Radiologic Science program was discontinued in 2014.
35 The DNP program was first introduced in 2012.

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Source: IR Extract Files
August 8, 2018

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