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Please download all forms needed to apply to Southeastern here.
To view the forms download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

Q. How can I be accepted to the department?
A. You have to send an audio recording (audio tape, CD or DVD), with three pieces in contrasting styles:

Q. What is meant by “financial statement” and how can I fulfill this requirement?
A. This might sound like a problem, but it is a formality. The immigration authorities want assurance that you have access to sufficient funds, a total of $16,000. This figure include your scholarship or assistantship award and non-resident fees, which in most cases means you only need to show that you have access to the $2,000 (Graduate student) or $5,000 (Undergraduate Student) balance.
In addition to having this form signed by the bank (in the lower section), you will also need to provide either a bank statement or letter from the bank with the stated amount in the account
Download Financial Statement here.

Q. What is an “Assistantship”?
A. Candidates for the Master of Music degree (graduate students) who show excellent ability as performers may be offered an Assistantship. An Assistantship is an amount of money that covers the student's full tuition and non resident fees, and pays a monthly salary.In return the student will work for the University for 20 hours a week.

Q. What type of work will I do for this assistantship?
A. You will have to do the following:

Q. Will this amount of money be enough for me to pay my living and food expenses?
A. Your monthly salary is about $ 700 per month after tax. This amount is enough if you share an apartment with one or two roommates. Most students find it less expensive to cook for themselves, rather than dining at the university cafeteria.

Q. Is it less expensive to live in a dorm rather than in an apartment?
A. No, it’s more expensive in the dorm.

Q. How can I arrange to live in an apartment if I don’t know anybody here?
A. We will try to connect you with other students who are looking for a roommate.
Please contact Dr. Yakov VOLDMAN via e-mail at yvoldman@selu.edu for further information.

Q. Do I have the right to work out of campus?
A. Yes, but only as a part of your Curricular Practical Training (internship). All students have the opportunity to audition for four different orchestras in different cities around Hammond and if they are offered a position, the university will issue a document allowing them to perform in those orchestras as a part of their CPT.

Q. What is the audition repertoire?

Violin (only FIRST VIOLIN parts!):
R. Strauss - Symphonic poem Don Juan, first page.
Schumann - Scherzo from the 2nd Symphony (first page)
Brahms - First symphony, 1st movement (introduction and Allegro:
A-B and E-25 measures after E)
Mozart - Symphony 39: 1stmovement (introduction and Allegro until C)
2nd movement complete; 4th movement (mm.1-40)
Beethoven - 3rd Symphony, Eroica : Scherzo 1st page
Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto, 3rd movement (TUTTI part)

Tchaikovsky - Symphony No.6: Mvt.1, Allegro non troppo- m.75
R. Strauss - Symphonic poem Don Juan, first page
Bruckner - Symphony No.4- Andante Quasi Allegretto mm.50-70
Mendelssohn - A Midsummer Night’s Dream- Scherzo: beginning- D
Berlioz - Roman Carnival, 1 measure after [1]- 6 measures before [4]

R. Strauss - Symphonic poem Don Juan, Beginning- B
Mendelssohn - A Midsummer Night’s Dream- Scherzo, N-O
Beethoven - Symphony No. 5: Mvt 2 (mm. 1-10; mm. 49-59; mm.98-106)
Brahms - Symphony No. 2: Mvt. 2, Beginning- 2 measures before A
Debussy - La Mer: 2 measures before [9] - 6 measures after [9] (Top Line).

Q. What type of medical insurance is available to international students through the university?
A. International students pay $250 per semester for medical insurance. The insurance is mandatory for international students, unless they can prove that they already have insurance. To read about medical insurance benefits click here.

Q. Does the scholarship mentioned on the website pay the tuition and fees?
A. Yes it does, except for the medical insurance fee, a $60 international student fee, and textbook rental fees (if any). In return, students with graduate assistantships are required to work 20 hours a week for the university.

Q. Does the university provide any assistance to students in obtaining a proper visa to the US?
A. The university will issue the I-20 form, which is a prerequisite for obtaining a student F-1 visa.

Q. Is it necessary to apply for financial aid and a visa each semester?
A. As long as the minimum grade requirements are met, renewal is automatic.

Q. When looking at approximate costs for students, does that reflect a calendar year or an academic year?
A. It reflects an academic year. Please note that financial aid is not available for summer sessions.

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