Welcome to the Southeastern Strings Site

Welcome to the Southeastern Strings site
Welcome to the Southeastern Strings site

About Southeastern Louisiana University

Southeastern Louisiana University's 2005 vision strategic mission

The mission of Southeastern is to lead the educational, economic and cultural development of Southeast Louisiana.


Excellence, Caring, Community, Diversity, Integrity, Learning, Scholarship, Service.


1. To recruit, advance, and graduate qualified students Through reputation, geographic location, and creative marketing approaches, Southeastern attracts a diverse, prepared student body. The University promotes personal growth, student success, and retention as well as the development of intellect and character through academic, social, vocational, and wellness programs. Southeastern offers a safe, friendly and inclusive environment in which students are known by name and respected as individuals. Timely completion of degree programs and success in a competitive job market are important indicators of success.

2. To address change in a new community of learners through effective instruction and relevant curricula Southeastern offers credit and non-credit educational experiences that emphasize challenging, relevant course content and innovative, effective delivery systems. Our educational programs are based on vital and evolving curricula that address emerging regional, national, and international priorities, and we offer degrees at all levels. Recognizing that today's students have unique needs, the University moves learning beyond the traditional boundaries of time and place. Global perspectives are broadened through programs which offer the opportunity to work and study abroad. Together, Southeastern and the community provide a broad array of cultural activities that complete the total educational experience

3. To foster the development and effective utilization of faculty and staff The University recognizes and values individuals who contribute the time, talents, and resources essential to success. Acknowledging that human potential is a most important resource, the University provides healthy, positive working environments that maximize ability and productivity and offers competitive salaries. The University encourages and supports activities that provide for the professional development of faculty and staff, particularly exemplary programs that promote and contribute to excellence in scholarship, teaching, and service.

4. To strengthen collaboration and partnerships in internal and external communities Southeastern embraces active partnerships that benefit faculty, students and the region we serve. Collaborative efforts are varied and dynamic; range from local to global; and encompass education, business, industry, and the public sector. Of particular interest are partnerships that directly or indirectly contribute to economic renewal and diversification as described in Louisiana: Vision 2020, the state's master plan for economic development. Working across unit, department, college and intercollegiate boundaries, the University seeks creative multi-disciplinary approaches to internal and external challenges. Clear, open, and regular communication is the cornerstone of effective collaboration and partnership.

5. To enhance and utilize the physical and technological infrastructure A reliable, consistent physical and technological foundation is fundamental to the operations of Southeastern. The University's buildings and grounds are attractive, functional, and well-maintained. Recognizing that advanced technology is an integral component of all academic and administrative activity, state-of-the-art information delivery systems and academic computing resources are available to all faculty, staff, and students. Southeastern also strives to remain on the forefront of these evolving technologies.

6. To increase, diversify, and effectively manage funding Southeastern generates and wisely allocates the resources necessary to achieve our strategic goals and objectives. The University seeks an equitable distribution of state appropriations among institutions of higher learning. Creative university development campaigns provide substantial support from the public. Other sources of support include highly successful programs of sponsored funding and continuing education. Southeastern will continue its reputation of entrepreneurial arrangements that present new opportunities to advance University goals.

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