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 Dr. Wendy Zhang

Projects & Publications
  • Building Content Dictionaries for Geometric Algebra in the XML Markup Language
  • Block Mapping - A Compiler Driven I/O Management Study
  • A Case Study of Compiler Driven I/O Minimization
  • Representing Clifford Algebra Into OMDOC Format
  • Compiler-Driver Runtime I/O Minimization
  • I/O Performance Improvement through the Use of Compiler-Driven Memory Management
  • Geographic Information Systems: Real World Applications for Computer Science
  • Economic Impacts of Casinos and Online Gambling
  • Compile Time Data Transfer Analysis
  • Creating a Geographic Footprint from LIDAR Data in ArcGIS
  • The Effects of the Hurricane Katrina on Louisiana's Gulf Coast
  • Telework Initiatives A Comparison of State Rankings
  • The Proceedings of ISECON 2007
  • Can E-learning Replace the Traditional Classroom?
  • Decision Support System: A Study of Telework Initiatives
  • Using hyperspectral remote sensing for land cover classification
  • Spectral Analysis and Classification of Hyperspectral Data
  • GIS and Mapping
  • A Compiler Driven Out-of-Core Programming Approach for Optimizing Data Locality in Loop Nests
  • Formal Definition of Feature Models to Support Software Product Line Evolution
  • Comanche - A Compiler-Driven I/O Management System