Fields of Interest

I am interested in processes where a single electron plays the leading role: Here is a list of my current research activities:
[Item] Ab initio methods for temporary states.

Temporary states are unstable with respect to electron autodetachment, i.e., similar to radioactive β decay, one electron can be spontaneously ejected from the molecule. Consequently, temporary electronic states have typical finite lifetimes.

Standard bound state ab initio methods cannot be directly applied to this type of state, but need to be modified to account for the finite lifetime of the system.

[Item] Non-valence anions.

This type of excess-electron state is intrinsically fascinating, a highly sensitive testing ground for electron-correlation methods, and a possible player in electron-induced processes of slow (thermal) electrons through the doorway mechanism.

[Item] Electron-induced chemistry

If an excess electron is attached or transferred to a molecular system, it can catalyze rearrangements or reduce the the molecule typically by by initiating a bond dissociation where one product is a radical and the other product is an anion. However, other less spectacular effects processes are also possible and the relative probabilities depend on the lifetimes on the excess-electron states.

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