Screen Capture

The problem is that you need to "upload" your data tables and graphs with webassign. How do you do this if you made the graph in Excel? This can be done by taking a "screen capture" of your graph in Excel and saving that as either a *.jpg or *.gif - but how do you do this? There are multiple methods, but I will just present two methods- if you do it your own way, make sure that the files is either a jpeg or gif format so that I can view it in WebAssign.

In room 104, using the iMacs, screen capture is really quite simple. Just press the three keys, "apple", "shift" and "4" all at the same time (there are two "apple" keys, to the left and right of the space bar with an apple on it). Once all of these keys are held down, a little cross will replace your mouse pointer. Now all you have to do is drag this cross over the area you want to capture. After that, you will have a picture stored on you desktop labeled Picture 1.jpg or something similar - like Picture 2.jpg if Picture 1.jpg already exists.

In the PC lab, there is no simple way of screen capturing, but you can download a program that will help. (Don't worry about install programs on these PCs - they are automatically removed when the computer is restarted.

Screen capture can be used for anything that you need to put in your lab, but is not text. This includes graphs, drawings that you did in MS Word, and tables (from Excel or Word).