Transferring Files over the Internet

You will collect most of your data in the lab room. The computers in this room are older Apple PowerPC's that are used for data acquisition. The data you obtain will be saved to a file and you will likely need this file when you are writing up your lab report or you may wish to do some analysis with Excel. Below I present two methods of transfering files, both should work anywhere you have a connection to the Internet.


As a student at Southeastern, you have access to some space on the ftp-server. The easiest method of accessing this space is to use your browser. In the location window, type (notice that it starts with ftp:// instead of http://). If you don't like typing, you can use this link to get there.

Yahoo Briefcase

If you are having difficulty with the ftp thing, you can use the Yahoo briefcase service (which is free). The briefcase service is basically free online storage area (30 MB). To use this, you must first register with Yahoo. If you already use Yahoo mail, you are already set. If not, it is a painless process. Another nice feature of Yahoo Briefcase is that you can choose to share your files with other users. This can be helpful in sharing data with you lab partners.


A third option to transfer files is to email it to yourself. This can be done with either yahoo mail, or selu webmail.

Floppy Disk

You can indeed put a PC formatted floppy disk in the PowerPC (Apple) comptuers. You can then save your files to this disk - be warned, many people have counted on their trusty floppies only to have them fail (or lost).