Torque Video

Please note that this video is being posted early. Next week’s lab is still air resistance.


Last labs

Ok. It is fixed.

Next week we will do air resistance (as listed). The next lab will be torque which I have a lab for, but no video yet. I think after that is the final exam. Boom. It was quick, wasn’t it?

Video for Air Resistance

Video lecture for air resistance.

Video for circular motion

Here is the video for the lab on circular motion.

Kinetic friction

Sorry. Camera issues again. This is the best version I could get. Hopefully it will still be useful.

Static Friction

Ok. Here is the video lecture on static friction.

If the quality isn’t so hot - sorry. I was having some serious video camera problems. There is another version of this video that might be better, and I will upload that soon.

Another note: don’t just watch this video. Physics is difficult. You will need to work on this stuff to really grasp it. If you just try to look at this material 5 minutes before class, don’t bother because you will just be wasting your time.

Ok - here is a higher quality version except I cut off the top of the white board.

More Help - ebook version

Here is something else you might like. This is an ebook version of some of the stuff that I wrote. It is in an epub format. You should be able to put this on your kindle if you have one. If you don’t have a kindle, Amazon makes a kindle app for most smart phones and stuff.

Really, kindle has you covered. Here is a list of free kindle reading apps.

Feel free to share this with any other students at Southeastern Louisiana University - but not with other institutions just yet. Let me know if you find any errors or stuff like that.

Oh - I guess you will want the file too?

Just Enough Physics - Rhett Allain

Projectile motion help

Normally, I try to write a lot of stuff for you to read before the lab. I am not sure if this works too well. Let me try something else. This is a video tutorial that I made for projectile motion. It is super quick, but I figure since you can watch it more than once AND you have the written stuff, it should be ok.

Tell me what you think. Does this help? Do you want me to do more of these?

Midterm next week

Like I said in class, I really don’t think we have an option. The only way I can give you a grade before the last day to withdraw is to have the midterm exam next week.

Normally, the formal lab report is due at this time. However, in an effort to make you less unhappy I will let you turn in the formal lab report on the next class (March 14 - which is Pi day, btw).

Notes for the midterm.
  • You will be able to use any lab reports you turned in.
  • You may also bring a calculator.

For the test, you will need to know:
  • Graphing (on paper). Finding the slope, and interpreting the slope.
  • 1-D kinematics (free fall)
  • Numerical calculations. I do not except for you to know the technical details of Excel nor of VPython, but you do need to know the steps and the general idea. For example, I might give you a step and ask you to manually calculate the next values.
  • Newton's Second Law (you do not need to know how to run the motion detector, but you should know what it is and how to interpret the data from it)
  • Error analysis. You need to know where these numbers come from, how to compare two quantities and how to determine the uncertainty for a calculated quantity. You should also be able to calculate standard deviation and standard error for simple cases.

There also may be some practical lab portions where you actually collect data (by yourself).

Also, here some notes about the formal lab report.

I fixed the screen cast

I fixed the screen cast (because I am that quick). I added it to the top of the numerical calculations lab page, but you can also see it here. Oh, and sorry but the sound isn’t so great. You will have to pump up the volume to hear it.

Screen cast down

I said that there was a screen cast for the numerical calculations lab. This was true -but now it is gone. I will have to make another one.

When it is up, you can view it. This is a great thing to view before class.

Logger Pro Software

If you have a laptop, you might want to bring it to lab.

In class, we will use the Software Logger Pro. This software is good for data analysis as well as controlling some of the sensors we will use. According the the license that we have, you are allowed to install this on your own computers. I will bring the disc so that you can use it in class if you like.

A quick note on graphing data

This is such a common question - why make a graph. Hopefully this post helps a little bit.

Penny Data

There was an error in class today. I am not going to say who caused the error, I will take responsibility.

However, the data on the board for the pennies was wrong. For some reason everyone just posted the uncertainty in the mass for each year. You need the average mass and the uncertainty. Here is some data from a previous class. You can use this to create a graph of mass vs. year.

Note that some of the uncertainties are reported incorrectly. You should just have 1 sig fig in the uncertainty and the digits for the average should match the uncertainty.