Physics Projects

As I discussed in class, I am going to allow you to submit a physics project to replace your lowest test grade. I don't want to be too specific on what the project should be about, so that you can be creative as possible and find a project that fits your strengths. Below are some sample ideas:

Video Analysis: Take some video, from youtube or something and analyze it. There exists free video analysis software (Tracker - The basic idea behind video analysis is that you can get position-time data from each frame of a video and use this to find things like acceleration, velocity etc... You could also look at a movie clip and find the acceleration or maximum force exerted on an impact during collision. Actually, you could probably also analyze the physics of a video game this way. I think there is someplace on campus that you can check out a video camera also - this way you could make your own videos.

Numerical Calculations: I showed you how to model motion with Excel in class - this can also be found on my PLAB 193 website. For this project you could attempt to model something more complicated - such as projectile motion with air resistance or the motion a satellite with air resistance. If possible, you could compare you calculations to real data.

Tutorial: If you are educationally minded, you could create a set of activities to help other students understand a particular physics topic. This could include the use of applets found online, or simple demos that could be completed at home. This could also include making more complicated demonstration for use in a classroom or in a demo-show.

Movie, book, or comic book analysis: Take some movie and analyze the physics involved. This could be something like assessing the feasibility of being superman, or the level of realism in bugs bunny cartoons.

Something Creative: You could do something else that is creative, like write a story or poem. The only real requirement is that it must contain some physics content as well.

Project Requirements

Project Evaluation