Project Requirements

If you choose to turn in a project in physics, it will replace your lowest test grade (or not at all if it is lower than your lowest test grade). The project must meet the following requirements:

  1. The project must be completed and turned by Sunday April 29th at 11:50 PM. I will create an assignment in WebAssign in which you can turn it in electronically. If you are not using WebAssign, discuss how to turn it in with me.

  2. You must complete the project individually.

  3. If you copy stuff that you found online, I will consider this plagiarism and follow the appropriate academic misconduct policies as stated in the student handbook.

  4. The project must contain some physics concepts as well as some calculations. It does not necessarily need to include data collection (but many projects might do this).

  5. The project must be in some electronic format. Ideally, this would be in html so that I can post it for other students to see. If not in html, it should be in a form that I can easily convert to html.

  6. When you submit your project, you agree to let me post it so that other students can see it. Hopefully, all projects will be useful for other students.

  7. You can turn in your project early if you desire. If you do so, I will gladly give you feedback so you can improve your project. Early, in this case means more than one week before it is due.

  8. If you are not sure about a particular topic for a project, I will happy to discuss the feasibility of such a project. If you are stuck and do not have an idea, come see me and I will help you brainstorm an idea. Feel free to contact me at any point during your project for guidance, I will be happy to help.