Making multiple graphs in VPython

Import the graphing module:

from visual.graph import *

Before your while loop, create graph windows and graphing curve objects for displaying x components of momentum for the alpha particle and the gold nucleus, and for displaying y components of momentum:

gdisplay(xtitle='Time',ytitle='Px', x=400, y=0, width=400,height=200)

gdisplay(xtitle='Time',ytitle='Py', x=400, y=200, width=400,height=200)

Modify your while loop to add a point to the gcurve objects for each increasing value of t:

t = 0
while t < 1e-20: # (or however long you decide to let the plotting continue)
        ..... (calculating positions and momenta)
        t = t+deltat
        alphapx.plot(pos=(t, alpha.p.x))
        # add similar statements for the other 5 momentum components

This will plot alpha.p.x vs. t; t will be along the horizontal axis and alpha.p.x along the vertical axis.

Additional options are detailed in the on-line help.