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CMPS 389 Computer Graphics, Spring 2009 Syllabus

Contact Information

    Dr. Patrick McDowell

    Office: 220 Fayard Hall

Course Information

    The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to Computer Graphics. The course will use the C language and rely on OpenGL for generating graphics. The class will learn basic coordinate systems and the fundamental math techniques used in creating 2d and 3d graphic scenes. Along with the math the class will learn the computer structures and algorithms used to render both still scenes and animation.  The class will presented using a both a mix of theory and hands-on exercises. Some/most of the programming assignments will be done using C.

2.2 Text

    Computer Graphics Using OpenGL, Hill and Kelley

Course Topics


  • Open GL and C based
  • Geometry and arithmetic of graphics
      • Cartesian systems
      • Matrix operations
  • Graphic Operations
      • Translation, Rotation, Scaling
      • 2d and 3d
      • Perspective
  • Computer Science of Graphics
      • Raster lines
      • Data structures for objects
      • Draw/Redraw
      • XOR
      • Buffering
  • Display and Interaction
      • Animation
      • Mouse input
      • Keyboard input

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