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CMPS 441, Fall 2007 Syllabus

Contact Information

    Dr. Patrick McDowell

    Office: 220 Fayard Hall



Course Information

    In this course the student will be presented with an overview of the science of Artificial Intelligence. We will talk about the some of the history of AI, applications, and study some of the common topics in AI. Each student should get a USB thumb drive in order to save work and software that may be provided for the class. The class will be presented using a both a mix of theory and hands-on exercises. Also, there will be some team projects.

Course Objectives

Students will study and gain familiarity with the following topics.


  • Overview and Classic AI
  • Statistical and Fuzzy Systems
  • Neural Networks and Evolutionary Systems



Primary textbook: Artificial Intelligence A guide to Intelligent Systems; Second Edition; Michael Negnevitsky


Secondary textbook: Machine Learning; Tom M. Mitchell

Course Outline/Schedule

  • Introduction and history
  • Classic AI
    • Lisp
    • Expert Systems
  • Statistical Systems
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Non-Deterministic Systems

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