Psyc346: Perception

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Helpful Sensation & Perception (S&P) Links:

1) Excellent site for anatomy/physiology of the eye (Thanks Patrick!)

2) Nice discussion here on the science of light and optics (Thanks to Tom Coner and his student volunteers for sending this!)

3) online S&P tutorial

4) online S&P jeopardy game!

5) A very informative site with extensive discussions of many topics in S&P. Covers many of the same topics we discuss in class including anatomy/physiology of the sensory systems, color vision, hearing, etc. Highly recommended.

6) Site at Athabascau University with many links to papers and resources in S&P

7) site for info on color blindness

Neat sites for visual illusions (let me know if you come across others).  (Cool site for testing eye health with optical illusions, thanks to Alexa Boyd!) (Thanks to Chloe Heim for sending this!) (Thanks to Courtney Phillips and her after-school gang in CO) (Thanks to Sara Roberts and the after-school gang in KY) (Thanks Samantha Gray!)