Psyc346: Perception

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Helpful Sensation & Perception (S&P) Links:

1) Excellent site for anatomy/physiology of the eye (Thanks Patrick!)

2) Nice discussion here on the science of light and optics (Thanks to Tom Coner and his student volunteers for sending this!)

3) online S&P tutorial

4) online S&P jeopardy game!

5) A very informative site with extensive discussions of many topics in S&P. Covers many of the same topics we discuss in class including anatomy/physiology of the sensory systems, color vision, hearing, etc. Highly recommended.

6) Site at Athabascau University with many links to papers and resources in S&P

7) site for info on color blindness

Neat sites for visual illusions (let me know if you come across others). (Thanks to Courtney Phillips and her after-school gang in CO) (Thanks to Sara Roberts and the after-school gang in KY)