1. The Psychology Department requires that Psychology 101 students participate in 4 units of enrichment activity (2 hrs.).  Students may receive bonus credit for an additional 4 units (2 hrs).  Note: One enrichment unit equals ½ hr. of enrichment activity participation. (NOTE:  All students must register in the Experimetrix system regardless of whether they are participating in real experiments or in computer simulations.)
2. Enrichment units are earned by participation in an approved research project conducted by faculty members, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate students in the SLU Psychology department. There is also a Psychology Computer Lab located in White Hall 211. The only students allowed to use the Computer Lab for a 1-credit experiment are the following:
  -- Students under the age of 18.
  -- Students who have ethical objections to participating in experiments that are conducted by researchers.
      These students will have to obtain a signature from their instructor stating that they have permission
       to do so.
  -- Students taking their Psychology 101 class off campus.

When earning enrichment units in the Psychology Computer Lab, students are limited to 1 unit per day and there is only one computer in the lab for such experiment.  It is on a first com/first serve basis.

(NOTE:  All students must register in the Experimetrix system regardless of whether they are participating in real experiments or in computer simulations.)
3. The point system for enrichment credits and how they are factored into the grade is determined by the individual instructor. See your syllabus for their specific information.
To sign-up for these experiments you must use the online sign-up system. In Netscape, Internet Explorer, or AOL, go to the Southeastern Psychology Department web site (, there is a button for Experimetrix (you can also get to this site directly  When you use the system for the first time you will have to register as a new user. To register this first time you must supply your university number (e.g., w0013555) and an e-mail address. You must use your university e-mail address, (e.g.,
4. You will receive your password by e-mail, use this password to logon to the system. NOTE: You must LOGON within the first 3 days of receiving your password or your registration will be cancelled and you will need to re-register.
5. In order to sign-up for an experiment click on SIGN.UP located on the left side of the page. This will bring up a list of experiments. Click the VIEW SCHEDULE button for any that interest you. You will then see a list of times for the experiment. Click the Sign-Up button for the time that you want.  You will receive an e-mail conformation and reminder. If for some reason a student is not able to make their appointment for an experiment, the student must cancel the appointment from the online sign-up system. The last time to cancel an appointment is 2 hrs. before the experiment is scheduled to begin (there are no phone cancellations). Failure to show up (or cancel) will result in a 1 unit debit.  Students who end the semester with negative units will only lose those points that were allocated for enrichment activities.

6. You will be able to track the units earned for participation in research experiments with the online system. Check periodically to make sure that your credit has been correctly applied. If you have not received credit for an experiment after one week, contact the webmaster. For each participation in an enrichment activity, students will be given a voucher that has their name, the name of the experiment, and the number of credits. DO NOT LOSE THIS VOUCHER!  It is proof that you have fulfilled part of your research requirement.  DO NOT turn this VOUCHER in to your instructor.  Instead, keep it in case there is some error made by the experimenter in recording your credit.

 Step by Step Instructions for Registration

1. Get on the internet and type in:
2. Click the Experimetrix button, which will open Experimetrix program.
3. Click on new user, which leads to a page to obtain a password.
4. Enter your full name
5. When it asks for your student number, enter the complete number including w e.g., w0013555.
6. Enter your university e-mail address. It will look something like
If you donít know your university e-mail you can look it up from the SLU Home Page either by using LEO or by using        the name search engine. (DO NOT INCLUDE WWW AS PART OF YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS)
7. After entering all the information, click on the Register button.
8. You will be sent an email with your logon and a password.
9. Once you have your logon and password, reenter the website so that you can begin to sign up for experiments. When the page comes up click on the log in button. Enter your new logon and password. YOU MUST DO THIS WITHIN 3 DAYS. If you wait more than 3 days to use your password the first time you would have had to re-register.
10. After entering your logon and password the computer will tell you that you must select a course. Click on the Edit Your Course Selection button and a list of Psyc 101 courses will displayed. Find your class section of Psychology 101 and click on the Select box and then click the Apply Changes button.
11.  You are now registered and can sign-up for experiments.

NOTE: If the above registration procedure does not work (e.g. you do not receive a logon and password within a day), the most likely problem is that you entered your e-mail incorrectly. For example if you listed your e-mail as www.w0013855@selu, the system would result in an error. The easiest solution is to simply wait three days and then attempt to register again. If you attempt to register again before the 3 days have passed the system will tell you that your name and numbers have already been used. Since the correct e-mail address is so crucial be very careful when you enter it. If you are not sure of your e-mail address, donít guess.


If you complete your registration in Experimetrix by January 28th, and sign-up up for Experiment 31 by 4:25 P.M., you will receive 1 enrichment unit for simply signing up. There are no requirements for this experiment; all you have to do to receive your credit is to signup for the experiment. (Note: There will be no Vouchers handed out for this one activity; however, your credit should show-up when you logon.)