Thanatos Syndrom: Questions

Section 1:  1-64

(1) Who is Tom Moore? Where has he been and why?
(2) Where are we?
(3) Who are his “patients?” What’s strange about them?
(4) Who are Dutchess of Alba and what are Degas girls?
(5) Who are Bob Comeaux and Max? Why does the author always use Bob’s full name but hardly ever mentions Max’s last name?
(6) Where does Tom live? Describe his household, whose there?
(7) Who is John Van Dorn?
(8) What (who) is Azazel?

Section 2: 65-107

(1) Who is Dr. Lucy Lipscomb?
(2) Summarize the different case histories, what do they have in common?
(3) Why is Bob always skiddish with Tom?
(4) Who are Fathers Placide and Smith?
(5) What is Patherburn,? How did Lucy come to own it?

Section 3: 107-133

(1) Describe the case of Father Smith.
(2) What do Father Placide and Bob Comeaux want from Father Smith?
(3) What does Smith mean when he says words have been evacuated of their meaning. What is the only word that has not been evacuated of its meaning?
(4) Why does Father Smith contend that we all misunderstand the origins of the holocaust?
(5) Who is Milton Guidry?

Section 4: 134-186

(1) Whose ahead of Tom on his way to Patherburn?
(2) Who all lives/works at Patherburn?
(3) What is Blue Boy?
(4) Who is General Earl Van Dorn?
(5) What is heavy sodium?
(6) Who is Ellie Culberson and why is she having a Shoen-Beck Test?
(7) What is the Grand Mer facility at Tunica Island?
(8) How do you spot a leaky pipe from a helicopter?
(9) What are the symptoms associated with elevated levels of sodium?

Section 5: 187-239

(1) Who are Mr. and Mrs. Brunett?
(2) What kind of music is playing in Bob’s car as Tom and Bob discuss what’s going on at Grand Mer?
(3) What are the “same lights” or “shared assumptions and goal” that Bob says both he Tom live by? How is Bob pursuing those goals? How does it work?
(4) What is Van Dorn’s role in the whole project?
(6) Where are Tom’s kids? Who else is there?
(7) Why does Van Dorn ask Tom if he (Tom) would have dumped penicillin into the London water supply in 1350?
(8) How does Tom know he’s being followed on the way to Popeyes?
(9) What has Lucy noticed from her exams of the children at Belle Ame?
(10) What is treat-a-treat?

Section 6: 239-283

(1) What is Father Smith’s confession? Why did Smith like the Germans? Who were some of them?
(2) What was the kinderhaus? What ever became of Smith’s German friends?
(3) What does Father Smith mean when he says “in the end one must choose -- given the chance.” (note: consult Deuteronomy chapter 30).
(4) Who is Elmo Jenkins?
(5) How does Tom get out of Angola? Where is he going? Who comes along?

Section 7: 283-325

(1) Who is Ricky? What’s he doing?
(2) What do they find at Belle Ame?
(3) How does Van Dorn defend his actions?
(4) Describe the effects of the water on Van Dorn and the others.

Section 8:

(1) What is Tom’s proposal to Max and Bob regarding the Blue Boy project?
(2) What happens to our various chacters – especially Van Dorn?
(3) Accordin to Bob, what is the only real difference between he and Tom?
(4) What becomes of Ellen and Father Smith?