Psyc347H book list:

The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins (gene questions)

The Moral Animal by Robert Wright (moral animal)

Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert Massey (Nicholas and Alexandra)

The Mystical Mind by d'Aquili and Newberg (Mystical Mind questions)

Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler (Bible questions)

Most are available at the library, but they are also pretty inexpensive to buy on the web.

Prior to starting the class, email me and let me know which book you're planning on doing. Best strategy is to get on a weekly schedule of sending me answers for each chapter (for example, send answers every Friday). Send as a Word attachment, please include the question along with your response. I'll reply with my critique and comments using the Word edit function which allows for embedded comments. I'm generally not pleased when someone sends me all the answers last week of class and the grade will reflect that. -Dr. R.