Test 1 question pool
(I'll pull out 7 or 8 of these and you'll have to answer 5 on the first test)

How is human hunting (that of traditional hunter-gatherers) different (i.e. more cooperative) than chimpanzee hunting?

What is shared intentionality and how might it be critical to the creation of human culture?

What is ancestralization? What factors can cause it?

Describe the two different notions of the EEA (environment of evolutionary adaptedness).

What are the moral lessons that rugby was thought to inculcate in young males?

1.)    How might have the elements of Rugby specifically contributed to the survival of the Andes crash survivors?

Describe how the phrase ‘I am because we are, and since we are, therefore I am’ encapsulates the critical difference between the traditional African view of personhood and the Western view?

Compare and contrast the existentialist and the traditional African views of personhood.

What is the role of shared social values in the creation of human society? What role does taboo play in this?

Discuss the Adaman Islanders’ naming taboo. How does this force all community members to share in the concern of an individual’s “transitional” status?

 What is the potential weakness of arbitrary moral codes?

What is a taboo trade-off and why does even contemplating one bring suspicion upon oneself?

1.       What evidence explains the differences in people’s behavior towards tragic trade-offs and taboo trade-offs?

What are the commonalities and differences between human ritualized behaviors and those of other species?

What is the relationship between ritualized behavior and working memory? What relevance might this have for performance under stress such as athletic performance?