Psyc 660 Spring 2012
Test 2

Answer 5 of the following. If you answer more than 5 I'm only going to grade the first 5.
Please include the question with each response. Each question is worth 10pts.
Must be returned to me as an attached Word document by Thurs. April 5, 3pm

Distinguish between complex and simple or generalized hunter-gatherers. Why might complex h-gs have first emerged during the UP in Europe?

What is the gossip hypothesis of language evolution and why does unreliability of vocal information or its “cheapness” undermine this hypothesis?
Describe the chemical explanation for the social bonding (and analgesic) effect caused by synchronous activity.
What are the three universal types of family rituals? Describe each.
How might ritual act as the “costly to fake” guarantor of vocal signals?

Define important terms: ritual, ritualized behaviors, social norms, social conventions.

Discuss evidence indicating that social norms are unique to humans?