Spagnola, M., & Feise, B. H. (2007). Family routines and rituals: A context for development in young children. Infants & Young Children, 20, 284-299. (M)

 How does the effect of disruption distinguish between routines and rituals?

 Describe how routines and rituals affect childhood development in areas of language, academic performance, and social skills.

 Describe the relationship between frr and family and marital relationships.

What is meant by the “protective” role of frr?

 Describe the three proposed mechanisms by which frr have their beneficial effects (parental efficacy, behavior monitoring, and family coherence)

What effects can divorce have on healthy child development?

Why is dinnertime such an important time for children?

Explain the three mechanisms of effect for creating predictable routines.

Explain the types of family interventions.

Why are consistent routines and rituals so important for children’s development