Psyc 612 Test 1
Answer 5 of the following (If you answer more than that I'm only going to grade the first five!)
Each question is worth 10 pts.
Please include the question with your response.

1. What are the three divisons of the medial frontal cortex and what social functions are they thought to direct?
2. What is meant by 'on-line' vs. 'off-line' mentalizing? How do experimental test differentiate between these forms and what brain areas are important to each?
3. What brain areas have been associated with distinct STM and LTM systems?
4. What neuroscience evidence suggests that social cognition has a 'primacy' over other types of mental processing?
5. Describe the two positions on understading other minds: self-referencing and rule-based. How has neuroscience research impacted the two?
6. What is the important role of the limbic system in moral cognition?
7. What evidence from the ultimate game indicates that rDLPC-impaired subjects have a more difficult time resisting selfish interests?
8. How do the authors (of the "neural basis of moral cognition") define morality? How does this definition relate to the concept of moral absolutes and what impact does this have on research?