Psyc612 Final Exam
Essay Question Pool (F13)

“New Stuff” essay. One of these three will be on the final

1. Give three examples in the archaeological record of expanded working memory capacity in Homo sapiens. Why do Coolidge and Wynn accept these as examples of EWM but reject other remains (such as the Blombos beads)?

2. Discuss the “evidence” for symbolism among Neanderthals such as burials, use of pigments, and “art.” How convincing is this evidence? 

3. Why does Eric Trinkaus argue that “it is we” who are unusual and not Neanderthals?

“Old Stuff” Essays. Two of these six will be on the final

1.       Discuss the earliest stone tools. How were they made, what were they used for, what do they indicate about hominin intelligence?

2.       What is protolanguage? When does Corballis think protolanguage emerged and what was it like (i.e. how as it different from modern language)?

3.       Describe evidence for theory of mind in nonhuman primates? How would Povinelli’s behavioral abstraction hypothesis explain this evidence?

4.       What characteristics indicate that erectus crossed an important threshold in human evolution?

5.       What specific benefits do Coolidge and Wynn propose came from a nest-to-ground transition in sleep?

6.       Distinguish the social brain hypothesis from the ecological brain hypothesis. Why does Robin Dunbar argue for the latter (social brain) rather than the former?