Study Guide: Psy440

1) Everything in chapters 14-15, plus any additional readings handed out in class. Plus all past chapters and everything on past study guides. Special emphasis on:

2) Problem solving
     a) well defined vs. ill-defined problems
     b) heurisitcs vs. algorithms
     c) effects of past experience
     d) Dunker experiment, Gick & Holyoak experiment
     e) functional fixedness, mental sets; recognizing underlying themes
     f) differences between novice and expert problem solvers
     g) GPS and means-end analysis
3) Creativity
    a) characteristics of creative thinkers
    b) convergent vs. divergent thinking
    c) neuroscience of expertise
4) Intelligence
    a) historical views
    b) Gardner and Sternberg theories
    c) importance of processing speed; access speed
5) AI
    a) History of AI
        - Ancient Greek/Egyptian adding devices
        - Pascal
        - Schikard
        - Babbage
        - Turing (Turing test, Turing machine)
        - Von Neumann
     b) expert systems
     c) GOFAI
     d) emboided AI; cog
     e) significance of chess playing programs
 6) Philosphical issues in AI
    a) strong vs. weak AI
    b) principle of indistinquishability
    c) chinese room arguement