Science & Religion BBQ Lunch & Discussion
All Welcome. Come Join Us!
Food Provided by Old McDonald’s BBQ.
Sponsored by Metanexus, the Center for Faculty Excellence,
the Presbyterian Campus Ministry Board and St. Albert’s Student Center

Where: Center for Faculty Excellence, Seminar Room (103), Tinsley Hall
When: Thursdays 12:30-1:30 (check below for actual meeting dates)
Why: For stimulating discussion of Science & Religion (and good food).
Who: All interested faculty, staff, and students welcome

Schedule of Meetings:

(1) Thurs. 2/9: Dr. Matt Rossano, Dept of Psychology, SLU, “A Thomistic approach to science and religion: Optimistic agnosticism.”

(2) Thurs. 2/23: Dr. Jim Walter, Director SLU Honors Program, "Theology of the Body in John Paul II's Hermeneutic Perspective on Genesis 1-2."

(3) Thurs. 3/9: James Myers, MA student Department of Psychology “The relationship of Eastern Religions and Western Science”

(4) Thurs. 3/23: Rev. Dr. Randy Davis, Pastor Trinity Baptist Church, Hammond. “Religion and Science through the eyes of C.S. Lewis”

(5) Thurs. 4/6:  Dr. Matt Rossano, Dept. of Psychology, SLU “The condemnations of 1277 and the emergence of science.”
(6) Thurs. 4/27: Dr. Don Johnson, retired, Naval Research Lab, Stennis Space Center, "Extrapolators and Interpolators will be burned at the stake after the lecture?"

(7) Thurs. 5/4: Dr. Ronnie Rombs, Dept. of Theology, St. Joseph Abbey and Seminary College. "Religious Faith and the Age of Science: Antony Flew's 'Invisible Gardener' and God's Action in the World."

* As always the lunch is free *