Science & Religion BBQ Lunch & Discussion
All Welcome. Come Join Us!
Food Provided by Wilbert’s Barbeque.
Sponsored by Metanexus, the Center for Faculty Excellence
and the Presbyterian Campus Ministry Board

Where: Center for Faculty Excellence, Seminar Room (103), Tinsley Hall
When: Thursdays 12:30-1:30 (check below for actual meeting dates)
Why: For stimulating discussion of Science & Religion (and good food).
Who: All interested faculty, staff, and students welcome

Schedule of Meetings:

(1) Thursday, February 10: Dr. Matt Rossano “Archeology and the Old Testament: Was
        King David Real?”

(2) Thursday, February 24: Rev. Dr. Stephen Sanders “Can modern people believe in the

(3) Thursday, March 10:   Dr. Matt Rossano “Historical Jesus studies and Traditional
                    Christian Faith”

(4) Thursday, March 24:   Dr. Fraser Snowden “The Nag Hammadi Library and The
       DaVinci Code: Fact and Fiction”?

(5) Thursday, April 7:  Dr. Russ Pottle "Science and Religion: Observations and

(6) Thursday, April 21:  Dr. John Haught “Science, Theology and the Origin of Life”

(7) Thursday, May 5:  Dr. John Whittaker, “The Cloud of Unknowning: Connecting
       and Disconnecting Faith and Nature.”

* As always the lunch is free *