Science & Religion BBQ Lunch & Discussion
All Welcome. Come Join Us!
Food Provided by Wilbert’s Barbeque.
Sponsored by Metanexus, the Center for Faculty Excellence
and the Presbyterian Campus Ministry

Where: Center for Faculty Excellence, Seminar Room (103), Tinsely Hall
When: Most Thursdays 12:30-1:30
Why: For stimulating discussion on issues of Science & Religion (and good food).
Who: All interested faculty, staff, and students welcome
Schedule of Meetings and Speakers:

Feb 19: Dr. Meredith Veldman, Department of History, LSU, “The 19th Century British Quest for
the Historical Jesus.”

Feb 26: Dr. Michael Wheeler, Director of the Gladstone Project, Visting Professor, Dept. of
English, University of Southampton and Dept. of English, University of Lancaster (retired)  “More Science, Vicar?: Some Nineteenth-Century Perspectives”.

March 4: Dr. Brian Crother, Dept of Biological Sciences, SLU, “How Popper’s
   Falsificationism Separates Science and Religion.”
March 11: Dr. Al Burstein, Dept. of Psychology, SLU, "C. S. Lewis: Science and Religion in
    'That Hideous Strength.' "

March 18: No meeting

March 25:  Dr. John Whittaker, LSU Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies,
     "Miracles: the Intellectual Difficulties"

April 1:  Dr. Matt Rossano, Dept. of Psychology “On not leaving your brain at the chuchhouse
  door: Religion the skeptic and devout can agree on.”

April 8: Dr. David Schoen, Jungian Psychotherapist, Covington, LA “The Carl Jung-Bill W.
Letters: Alcoholism and the Question of Archetypal Evil.”
April 15: no meeting/spring break

April 23 (note: day/time change Friday 1:30):  Dr. Robert Pennock, Dept. of Philosophy
Michigan State University “Scientific Naturalism and 'the God Hypothesis”

April 29:  Dr. Matt Rossano, Dept. of Psychology, SLU “Rationes Seminales and Synderesis”
   Were Augustine and Aquinas Evolutionists?”