Science & Religion BBQ Lunch & Discussion
All Welcome. Come Join Us!
Food Provided by Wilbert’s Barbeque.
Sponsored by Metanexus, the Center for Faculty Excellence
and the Presbyterian Campus Ministry Board

Where: Center for Faculty Excellence, Seminar Room (103), Tinsley Hall
When: Thursdays 12:30-1:30 (check below for actual meeting dates)
Why: For stimulating discussion of Science & Religion (and good food).
Who: All interested faculty, staff, and students welcome

Schedule of Meetings:

(1) Thursday, September 16

(2) Thursday, September 30

(3) Thursday, October 14

(4) Thursday, October 28

(5) Thursday, November 4

(6) Thursday, November 11

(7) Thursday, December 2

* Meetings will be topic driven.
* We’ll switch to a new topic when everyone is done arguing about the old one!
* Dr. Matt Rossano (Dept. of Psychology) will introduce the first topic on 9/16: “Science and     Religion: What Kind of Relationship (if any) Should They Have.”

* Other possible topics:

“Archeology and the Old Testament: Does it Matter if David Wasn’t Real?”
"Does Modernism Make Secularization Inevitable?”
“Science and The Soul: Redefining an old Concept”
“Historical Jesus Studies: How Do They Affect Traditional Faith?”
“The Religious Mind: Is Faith Part of Our Evolutionary Makeup?”

*     Other topics welcomed from the floor!