Science & Religion BBQ Lunch & Discussion
All Welcome. Come Join Us!
Food Provided by Wilbert’s Barbeque.
Sponsored by Metanexus, the Center for Faculty Excellence
and the Presbyterian Campus Ministry

Where: Center for Faculty Excellence, Seminar Room (103), Tinsely Hall
When: Most Thursdays 12:30-1:30
Why: For stimulating discussion on issues of Science & Religion (and good food).
Who: All interested faculty, staff, and students welcome

Schedule of Meetings and Speakers:

Sept. 25: Dr. Matt Rossano, Dept. of Psychology. “God after Darwin: The evolutionary
    theology of John Haught.”

Oct. 2: Dr. Jonathon Bassett, Dept. of Psychology. "Zealots, atheists, and the curious but
leery: Why aren't more scientists studying religion?"

Oct. 9: no meeting

Oct. 16: Rev. Randy Nichols, Presbyterian Campus Ministry. “Faith seeking
               understanding: Religious uses of social science research.”

Oct. 23: Dr. Andrew Traver, Dept. of History and Political Science. “Aquinas and
  Radical Aristotelianism"

Oct. 30: Dr. Ralph Wood, Dept. of Kinesology and Health Studies. “Mind, Body, &
Spirit - An Exploration of the Spiritual Health”

Nov. 6: no meeting

Nov. 13: Dr. Barbara Forrest, Dept. of History and Political Science. “"The Evolution
   of Creationism: Intelligent Design."

Nov. 20: Dr. Brian Crother, Dept. of Biological Sciences. “How Popper’s
   Falsificationism Separates Science and Religion.”

Dec. 4:  Rev. Dr. Adelia Kelso, Pastor Northminster Presbyterian Church Pearl River,
LA. "Reformed Theology:  Basic Principles and Implications for the Faith
Science Dialogue"