Psyc102 Intro Psych


Department Policies Sheet

chapter 3: Behavorial Neuroscience
chapter 4: Perception
chapter 5: Consciousness
chapter 7: Memory
chapter 8: Thinking, Reasoning, and Language
chapter 9: Intelligence and IQ testing
chapter 11: Motivation
chapter 11: Emotion

Study Guides
Study Guide 1
Study Guide 2
Study Guide 3
Study Guide 4

Class notes
Neuroscience notes
Perception notes
Consciousness notes
Memory notes
Reasoning and problem solving notes
Language notes
Motivation1 notes
Motivation 2 notes
Mate attraction
What women want
Are we happy yet
Gick and Holyoak

Rat dreams article
Brain and Mystical Experience Article
Marriage and Crime article
Lying faces article
Evolution and love article
Teen brain article
School success vs. real word success

Reasoning problems
Reasoning problems
Reasoning problems answers
India BIX discussion of verbal reasoning and syllogisms 

Helpful Intro Links:
My PsychLab from Text book publisher

Video example of confirmation bias (its the one about vaccines and autism!)

 Practice quizes in just about all areas of Psychology. Very good test preparation

 Intro psych image bank. Useful for reviewing.

 matching exercises on number of different Psych topics. Good review.

 In-depth set of notes for just about all topics covered in Intro Psych. Highly recommended. Useful for review and as study guide materials