April 24, 2008
PSYC 102
Language, Problem Solving, Reasoning, Motivation will be on test.
a. Can reduce investment in offspring if she has good genetics. The offspring is robust and healthy and reduces her need to help as much.
*Certain qualities are looked for in the male by the female. What qualities create a “sexy” face?
1. The Jaw line…must be a squarer, more rugged and angular. This tends to be rated as sexier and more attractive. *Shows higher levels of testosterone. This is also related to immune system function. The greatest amount of the male’s body allocates most of its energy toward the immune system. The rest of the energy goes toward making more testosterone. So by having a defined jaw line, it shows how good his immune system is.
2. The Nose….A broader, stronger nose. *These masculine features are related to testosterone and the robustness of the immune system.
3. Cheekbones…High cheekbones are sexier. *Same as above
4. Symmetry …Rated sexy by females. *This shows good genetic regulation.
*We find these features are related to and ques to fertility and health.
*This suggests that females should unconditionally be attracted to men with these features. However, the story gets more complicated. Females are NOT just after genes. They are also after resources. To raise prospects for reproduction, they need the male to hang around and provide resources.
A. Good men are hard to find…this has been the case in the past as well as now.
 1. Good genes can lower the probability that he will be able to stick around. He is not as good with resources because many women will be “hanging around” for his genes.
 2. In one study, male faces were created to look more masculine or feminine. Females were asked to rate them and did so according to where they were in their cycle (fertile or infertile) and asked to rate them according to sexiness.
 a. Low conception females rated men as the more feminized looking men. They looked for the resources when they were unlikely to be impregnated.
 b. High conception females rated men as the more masculine looking men. These females looked for the genes that would produce the best offspring with the best genes.
*This is referred to as an “EVOLVED COCKOLDRY STRATEGY” To get good genes from one partner and resources from another because the two were not present in the same mate.
 c. When you have a strategy from females that compromise the males’ fertility, the males can create a counter-strategy for Cuckoldry. Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness are considered an evolved counter-strategy.
Ex. Usually, when you see this in life, it plays out with the male taking things out on the wife or they will go to extremes of violence. This is usually truer for men than women. This is due to paternity certainty and to avoid Cuckoldry.
 d. Researchers break up jealousy into two sections.
 1. Sexual-more powerful for men. The males’ main concern is the offspring. “Love who you want, but only sleep with me.”
 2. Emotional-more powerful for the woman. Women are concerned with the resources from the male.
1. For Females…
a. Paternity Certainty is most important to the male. Females need to avoid ALL jealousy-arousing behavior (don’t even Look at another man). Also, take good care of his genes (offspring).
2. For Males…
a. Resources are more important for the female. Males need to give ALL the money to HER. Avoid spending money in any way that she dislikes.
a. Both want health (good genes, fertility, etc.) Take care of yourselves. Have some kids – lower divorce rates among couples with kids. Research shows this hold true.