1. Premise #1 All A are B
Premise #2 All B are C
Conclusion: All A are C  V or I

2. Premise #1 All vox are thed.
 Premise #2 Some thed are hef.
 Conclusion Some vox are hef.  V or I

3. Premise #1 No crim are bub.
 Premise #2 All bub are glot.
 Conclusion No crim are glot.   V or I

4. Premise #1 All zaks are creb
  Premise #2 All creb are bips
  Conclusion: All zaks are bips  V or I

5. Premise #1 No zevs are hip.
 Premise #2 No hip are crep.
 Conclusion  No zevs are crep.   V or I

6. Premise #1 All Boys are athletes.
 Premise #2 All athletes are muscular.
 Conclusion All Boys are muscular  V or I

7. Premise #1 Some lawyers are honest.
 Premise #2 Some honest people pay taxes.
 Conclusion Some lawyers pay taxes  V or I

8. Premise #1 All judges are wise.
 Premise #2 Some wise people are liberals.
 Conclusion Some judges are liberals.  V or I

9. Premise #1 No teenagers are happy.
 Premise #2 All happy people are rich.
 Conclusion No teenagers are rich.  V or I

10. Premise #1 No professors are cool.
 Premise #2 No cool people are punk.
 Conclusion No professors are punk.  V or I

9. If she is rich, she wears diamonds.
She is rich.
Therefore, she wears diamonds.
Valid or Invalid?

10. Is she is rich, she wears diamonds.
She isnít wearing diamonds.
Therefore, she isnít rich.
Valid or Invalid?

11. Is she is rich, she wears diamonds.
She is wearing diamonds.
Therefore, she is rich.
Valid or Invalid?

12. Is she is rich, she wears diamonds.
She isnít rich.
Therefore, she isnít wearing diamonds.
Valid or Invalid?

13. If the Lakers were second, the 76ers came in first.
The Lakers were second.
a. The 76ers came in first
b. The 76ers did not come in first.
c. No definite conclusion.

14. If Robin doesnít phone home, her parents worry.
Her parents are worried.
a. Robin didnít phone home.
b. Robin phoned home.
c. No definite conclusion

15. If Edna doesnít practice, she wonít play well.
She doesnít play well.
a. Edna doesnít practice.
b. Edna does practice.
c. No definite conclusion