GBIO 106 Syllabus

INSTRUCTOR:   Karin Harper,   OFFICE: Science Building Annex - Rm. 105
office #:  549-3474,   departmental office #: 549-3740

     This course is a study of the elementary principles of biology.  The objective is to introduce the student to the major processes of life including: cell structure and cell theory, energy acquisition and utilization, macromolecule synthesis, cell division, growth, and differentiation, evolution, and the diversity of life.

     You are responsible for all material discussed in lecture, and are expected to stay current with the reading assignments.  All students are required to take a minimum of four tests.  There are no exceptions or exemptions.  If you area qualified student with a disability seeking accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you are required to self-identify with the Office of Student Life, Room 202, Student Union.

     Blackboard is an internet software application that allows students to logon to access course documents and complete assignments. This class will utilize Blackboard for Grade Reporting, Assignments, Announcements, Notification of Test Dates,  and Practice Quizzes.    It is imperative that you become acquainted with this program immediately.

Blackboard Computer Requirements:  Internet Connection, Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

Skills:  Ability to use the Internet.

How to Access Blackboard-Establish an internet connection on your computer.  In the address box of your browser, type or click on this link.

Blackboard Login Procedures:

Access during the first two weeks of the semester.

User name=guest Password=guest

After two weeks, begin using the login procedures in the next column.


User name = student's "W" number 
Example: W0012345 

Password = student's Birthday = S + MMDDYY 
Example: June 3, 1979 would be S060379 
**** Be sure to put the S in front of the birthday 
**** Password is case sensitive - 
You should type an  UPPERCASE S 

To access your class: 
click on the "LOGIN" button on the left and enter your user name and password.

If you experience any problems logging into Blackboard, click here for help. or click on "Help" located on the right hand side of the Blackboard Login screen.

    The intra-semester tests will be announced in class and posted on Blackboard, a minimum of one week prior to the actual test date and the final exam will be given during its scheduled time slot.  Four intra-semester tests will be given. Every attempt will be made to have two tests before the drop date.  Tests are roughly 3 to 4 weeks apart.  The format of each test is primarily multiple choice.  Generally 50 multiple choice questions worth two points each.  Occasionally matching and true/false may accompany the multiple choice questions.  Tests are 100 pts. and typically are not cumulative in nature.  However, an understanding of the basic principles will be carried from one test unit to the next.
    The final exam is comprehensive with approximately 25% of the material coming from each previous test unit.  Taking the final exam is optional, provided you have taken all four of the intra-semester tests. Taking the final is NOT optional if you have missed one of the regular scheduled exams.  In other words, the final can be used to improve your grade by adding another test score to your final grade computation.  Make up exams will be NOT be given.   A missed exam mandates that you take the comprehensive FINAL, failure to do so, results in a grade of zero for that test.  If you are missing a grade for a second intra-semester test, a grade of zero will be averaged.
     Remember you must take a minimum of four exams, all test scores count, none of your test scores are dropped.

 GRADING:Grades will be posted on Blackboard.
     Grades are based on a ten-point scale. Individual tests are not curved.  Final grades will be posted on Blackboar, after all scheduled final exams have been taken.   The comprehensive Final Exam will be given during the University Scheduled Exam week. To compute your Final grade, add up all of your scores, then divide by the number of test scores. If you have fewer than four grades, a zero will be counted as the missing test score.
           A =   89.5 -100,     B =  79.5 - 89.4,     C =  69.5 - 79.4,     D =  59.5 - 69.4,     F =  Below 59.5

     The university policy regarding attendance and cheating will be followed as outlined in the catalog.  Roll will be taken during each class period.  Any student participating in cheating, in any form, will receive a grade of zero for that exam.

DROPPING THE CLASS:   Check the University Calendar and the Blackboard site for the last day to drop without penalty.
     If you decide to drop the course, it is your responsibility to contact the Registrar's office and fill out the necessary forms.  If you fail to officially drop the course, you will be carried on the roll and receive a grade of "F" for the semester.  You will not be dropped automatically for failure to attend class.  You will not be permitted to attend class unless your name appears on the University's class roster.

TEXT:     Biology Life on Earth  by:  Gerald & Teresa Audesirk (fifth edition, Prentice Hall Publishing) -- available as a rental in the bookstore.                          The Instructor reserves the right to add, delete, or change the sequence of any material presented in the course.

SLU COMPUTER FACILITIES:  Computers are available at Fayard Hall, Room 122,  North Campus Basic Studies Building, Room 160, Nursing Lab in Mims Hall, 1st floor, North Campus Basic Studies Building Rooms 154,156,158 (through Registration only), and the St. Tammany Center in Mandeville