INSTRUCTOR:  Karin Harper
OFFICE:  SBA Rm. 105  (549-3474) – SPRING '01

Office hours: (posted on door)    MWF  9:15-10:00 & 11-12,  Wed. 1-2, Tues. & Thurs.12:15-2:00
     Other times are available by appointment.
Mardi Gras Holiday:  Feb. 26-28,  Easter/Spring Break: April 9-13
e-mail: kharper@selu.edu

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Microbiology 224 is an introductory course in laboratory techniques which will introduce the student to the unseen world of microorganisms.  Emphasis will be on the use of the microscope and biochemical tests needed to identify microorganisms.  Prerequisite:  Registration for/or prior credit for MIC  223.

COURSE OBJECTIVES AND PURPOSE:  MICL 224 is intended for undergraduate science/nursing majors and is taken concurrently with MIC 223.  The lab strengthens and reinforces the lectures presented, while introducing the student to the ubiquity, morphology, growth, cultivation and biochemical characteristics of microorganisms.  This lab will enable the student to develop good aseptic technique and to obtain a certain degree of competence in microscopy.

LAB MANUAL:  Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology,    W.P. Bond and E.T. Nelson. (1979)
                            Harper’s Microbiology 107/224 Lab Packet,   K.W. Harper
                              (Both are available in the SLU Bookstore)

  Other suggested purchases:
- Sharpie waterproof marker (dark color...blue or black)
- A Photographic Atlas for the Microbiology Laboratory,   M.J. Leboffe & B.R. Pierce. 1998 (Bookstore)

Room Location:  All MIC 224 LABS meet in Biology Room 206; no labs on Mondays or Fridays.

                                    Quizzes (Four total, worth 25 pts. each)......100 pts.
                                     Midterm Exam & Lab Practical........ . . . .  100 pts
                                     Final Written Exam & Lab Practical....... . . 100 pts.
                                     Lab Attendance and Participation....... . . ...  50 pts.
                                    Total pts. for semester ............................... 350 pts.

 QUIZ SCHEDULE:(Check schedule of labs.) QUIZZES are subjective i.e.,short answer/discussion questions, all quiz scores count, none are dropped.

   QUIZ #1 [Week 4,   2/7  ]   Safety, Aseptic technique,Smear prep,Simple stain, Microscope parts & function

   QUIZ #2 [Week 6,   2/21 ]     Microscope continued, Gram & Negative stain

   Quiz #3 [Week 11,  3/28   ]    Antibiotic Sensitivity & Plating Techniques

   QUIZ #4 [Week 14,  4/18  ]   Selective & Differential Media, TSI & Carbohydrates

      The Midterm and Final exams have two components, a written portion that may contain multiple choice, matching, true/false, fill in the blank and short answer questions and a practical portion that requires reasoning, interpretation of data and microscopy skills.
*  note:  The Midterm exam is March 14th and the Final exam is May 2nd, one week before regular lecture class finals.  Lab will not be held 2/28 due to Mardi Gras holidays and 4/11 due to Easter/Spring Break.

MAKE-UP EXAMS:  If you miss quiz #1 or #2 due to a Dr.’s excused illness (written verification required), you may make up the quiz during the time scheduled for the Midterm Exam.  If you miss quiz #3 or #4, the missed quiz will be given during the Final Exam.  If you miss the Midterm or Final Exam, and have a valid excuse, you will take a departmental practical given by the lab coordinator.  Be aware that the written portion of this exam may be from any professor teaching this lab.

GRADING SCALE:          A = 90-100%,  B = 80-89%, C = 70-79%, D = 60-69%
(To determine your final grade, total the number of points you have earned and divide by 350. Then multiply by 100 to get a percentile score.)
· Throughout the semester, grades will be posted on the bulletin board directly across the hall from our
Lab room. Your final exam grade and semester grade will be posted there.

CLASS ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS:  University policy on attendance will be followed, see SLU’s catalog.  You must be on time for class as instructions are given at the beginning of each lab period.  Your success in lab is greatly enhanced by reading the scheduled lab(s) before coming to class.  If possible, notify me prior to an excusable absence, so you may attend another lab class that week. It is not acceptable to schedule doctor’s appointments or similar activities during your normal laboratory class period.
      If you decide to DROP the class, it is your responsibility to contact the Registrar's office and fill out the necessary forms.   You may also want to check with me or the Biology Departmental office to make sure the paperwork has been processed properly.  Failure to drop the class in this manner produces a grade of "F" on the final report.
 The Last Day to DROP or RESIGN without grade penalty is Fri., March 9th.

     If you are a qualified student with a disability seeking accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you are required to self-identify with the Office of Student Life, Room 203, Student Union.

Lab Attendance and Participation Grade worth 50 pts., is counted as a test grade. (These are NOT bonus points.)  You will receive a grade of 5 points for each of the 10 participation labs (not exam days).  To receive the maximum 5 points you must be in your assigned seat at the start of class. You must be prepared to perform the lab (you have read the procedures) and are aware of the supplies needed for that day's lab.  Your performance of the lab activity will be monitored.  You are responsible for the clean up of your lab bench. This entails disinfecting your desk top prior to the start of the lab and before leaving.  All paper must be removed from the desk, sink, and floor of your workstation.  Your microscope must be stored appropriately and the gas/water valves turned off.  I will check to see that your lab bench is in proper order between each lab.  If you are on time for lab, maintain a clean and orderly lab bench, and execute the entire assigned lab as indicated by the instructor, then you should earn the maximum number of points for accomplishing the objective. Points will be deducted for non-attendance (5), tardiness (1,2,3,4), cell phones, beepers, failure to execute the lab properly due to lack of preparation, as well as, inappropriate conduct such as excessive talking (socializing), horseplay and the like. In other words, classroom behavior that interferes with either the instructor’s ability to conduct the class or the ability of students to benefit from instruction, will  not be tolerated.

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