Recommended Links

The following links are good places to begin further inquiries into the philosophers and issues discussed in the courses. The links are grouped by subject matter.

General Philosophy Resources:

1. Philosophy in Cyberspace is a good site with further links to most of the major disciplines in philosophy. A good place to start.

2. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy is, to state the obvious, an encyclopedia of philosophy. It is good for basic information and for help in understanding issues, terms, etc., that come up in philosophy texts.

3. Although no longer currently updated, the Guide to Philosophy page is another good site to explore all the possible sub-disciplines and issues within philosophy.

4. Digital Texts Projects has a number of etexts available. There are also links to other digital texts sites in case they don't have the text you are looking for.

Individual Philosophers (my favorites, of course!)



1. Yahoo Directory. This link lists a number of links to web-sites dedicated to Nietzsche. You can also begin here to research other philosophers and issues.

2. The Nietzsche Channel. This site is a good place to begin looking further into Nietzsche. It also has a link to Nietzsche's music.



1. The Deleuze Web Resources page is is a good launching pad for other Deleuze-related (and Deleuze and Guattari-related) web-sites.


1. The Philosophy pages has a nice cite with a lot of information about Spinoza and is one of the best sites I have found. Many valuable resources, including on-line texts, are included at this site.



1. Ereignis is a site loaded with links and papers on Heidegger. There is also a helpful categorized grouping of links.