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ET 212

Introduction to Programming

Dr. Ihssan Alkadi, Instructor of Computer Science

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ET 212 Introduction to Programming:

Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite: Mathematics 165. An introduction to applied programming in C for

engineering technologists. Major topics include elements of computer organization, concepts of

programming languages, data structures, and Object Oriented Programming using C++.

Topics to be covered

1. Computing History 2. Using C++ 3. Data & Functions

4. I/O Statement 5. Control Statement 6. One Dimensional Arrays


 GRADES: Final course grades will be computed as follows: 


100 points


100 points

Final Exam

150 points

*All assignments are due at the beginning of class on due date. Early submission is encouraged.

Grading Policy : 1. No Make Up Exams

2. Final Exam Required








90 Above




80 89




70 79




60 69




59 Below

Final semester grades are based on ten-point scale, NO CURVING, NO EXTRA CREDIT.

ATTENDANCE: Absences will have an adverse effect on your grade in the following ways: missed quiz points, missed announcements concerning assignments and due dates, non-exposure to material not directly covered in text. There is no excuse for late assignments or missed tests.

ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: University policy will be followed for cases involving alleged academic dishonesty. Copying any part of another students assignment or exam is CHEATING. Allowing another student to copy is also CHEATING. Cheating earns an F for the course. Do your own work. No eating or drinking in the lab

CLASSROOM DECORUM: The following activities are considered unacceptable in the classroom: eating, drinking, use of tobacco, use of electronic equipment, use of beepers or phones, profanity, sleeping, acting in an unsafe manner, repeatedly talking without being recognized, habitual tardiness.

No collaboration while doing assignments

F  Important Notes


Projects are mandatory. Late work will be accepted but FIFTEEN points

will be deducted for every day that it is late.


Every student can use his/her E-Mail account (you can use your ISP

account if you have one) to communicate with the instructor.

If you are a qualified student with a disability seeking accommodations

under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you are required to self-dentify

with the Office of Disability Services, Room 203, Student Union. More information can be obtain at this web address, http://www2.selu.edu/StudentAffairs/DisabilityServices/


The same applies to students with service/military assignments.

It is your responsibility to drop the class.


    A student who misses an exam without an official excuse will be given a score of zero. Poor Planning on your part, does not necessitate an emergency on my part. If an excuse is valid and official, the lowest score of all exams will be awarded as a grade for the missed test.


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