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CMPS 431. Operating Systems. Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite: Computer Science 375. Design and implementation of operating systems. Topics include process management, processor management, memory management, device management, file management, process synchronization and interprocess communication, and user interface. Other issues such as distributed computing and system performance may be discussed.



M-W-F Class: Monday, March 12 Tuesday Evening Class: Tuesday, March 13


Syllabus Important Links for C and UNIX
  Helpful UNIX Commands


Lecture Notes:
Chapter 1 Chapter 3
Chapter 2 Chapter 4
Project 1
Project 2

Turning in your programs 

The hard-copy (print-out) must be turned in by the due date to Dr. Alkadi. Rather than turn in disk after disk, simply email your source code to Dr. Alkadi's grader, Shane Bard, at .

Program 1
Example 1 Example 3 Example 5
Example 2 Example 4 Example 6

Program 2