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Links of Interest

General Art Education Sites 

ArtsEdge / 

A great general site for the teaching of art 



A great general site for the teaching of Discipline Based Art Education.

The Art Teacher Connection  

Lots of ideas for integrating technology, and the WWW in the classroom.  


The Children's Art Gallery, Kindred Sites

Hit the middle button, "Art." Note the World Wide Art Resource" search engine, and the "Teacher's Resources" under "Friends of the Gallery."

Crayola Art Education 

Lots of techniques and supplies. Good site. 



Electronic Media Interest Group (EMIG)

Online resource for those who use technology in their Art Classrooms. Affliated with the National Art Education Association.

North Texas Institute for Educators in The Visual Arts

Good general site. Lots of Links.

Pennsylvania Art Education Association 

Good general site. Lots of Links. 



Children's Art & Children's Artistic Development
Art & Child= Expression of Being
Bibliography on the relationship of children to art, specifically children's artistic development.

Kids Link! 

Scroll down to "Children's Art & Home Pages" 


Space Art of the Imagination 

A special project with great kid's art! 


Lesson Plans and Project Ideas 
Art Education Exchange by Crayola, Lessons & Projects 

A Bulletin Board for sharing ideas. 


Art Projects                      

A Bulletin Board for sharing ideas. 


Lesson Plans & Curriculum Ideas

Lesson plans and curriculum ideas.

Favorite Lessons 

Click on "Elementary Drama & Art." 


Multicultural Resource for Art Educators

Contains more than Lesson Plans.

Elementary School Sites with Art Components 
Beeks Art Room 

Site is under construction, but looks promising. 


Fullerton School District 

Hit "Gallery of Art" in the blue vertical bar on left, then explore. 


The K-12 Art Department of the Northport-East Northport Schools

A great site. Explore, and dig, the Art is there.

Local Schools in SE Louisiana 

Check out the local Elementary and Middle Schools on the Web. 


The Montgomery County Public Schools

This is a general index of lots of schools and classes which are online. Dig-- the art is here somewhere.

Riverdale School Art Room Home Page 

Museums & Galleries

The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Check out the Virtual Reality Gallery!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This Web Site gives you an overview of the Collections on display at the Met.

The Smithsonian Institute

Includes various Museums and Collections. Sometimes (often?) slow to connect, but the name says it all.


The Women Artists Archive

An exhibit of over a thousand women artists. Check out links at the bottom of the page for more information on Women art.

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