Art 371
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

To be added to as needed. For other FAQs please check the Bulletin Board and Mailing List.

Computer Literacy

Q. Don't you have to be a Computer Whiz to take this course?

A. No, but you do have to have Internet Access, an email account and time to spend on the computer.

Course Cost

Q. Is this the class that costs $500.00 in supplies?

A. No, the average student seems to be spending between $75.-$100.00. There is a lab fee of $4.50 for which you will receive three (3) full color issues of Scholastic Art.

Online & Regular Class

Q. I can pick and choose what I want to do from either class that Dr. Finley-Stansbury is currently teaching, right?

A. Wrong. Please see the Art 371 Class Policy which describes the strict guidelines between the two classes.

Q. Because this class in Online, I don't have to come to class, right?

A. Wrong. This class meets Mondays, 3-4:45 pm, and Wed. 3-3:45. The Attendance Policy is the same for both of my Art 371 classes. You can miss only three (3) classes without lowering your grade.

Midterm & Final

Q. What format are the Midterm & Final?

A. You need to bring three things to the Midterm & Final: a Scantron Form B, a #2 pencil, and a blank sheet of paper. There are 25 multiple choice questions (A-E) and a bonus or extra credit question (to be answered on the blank sheet of paper).


Q. It is impossible to get an "A" in this class, right?

A. No. About half the class will receive an "A" and the other half "B." Every semester there is a student or two who will receive a "C" or below. This is because of non-attendance, and/or blowing off the Final.

Q. This class has a ten point scale, right?

A. Wrong. This class has a seven point scale. Please see the Syllabus.


Q. The guidelines provided are optional, right?

A. No. The guidelines provided are mandatory. Consider them like Assessment Checklists. The rationale behind this is that following written instructions is an essential skill in life as well as in successfully completing art project instructions. You will be evaluated on how precisely you are able to follow the guidelines provided.

Studio Projects

Q. Studio Projects are not counted toward my Final Grade, right?

A. Wrong. Studio Projects are graded two separate ways: (1) PASS/NONPASS and you have to do over a NONPASS, and (2) As part of your Online Assignment Grade.

Q. Can I pass this class without completing my three (3) Project Day Projects?

A. No. If you are sick on a Project Day you are responsible for making this work up as soon as possible. Students who don't complete their Project Day Projects and who don't come to class on Project Day will not pass this class.


Q. The Lesson Plan, my Art History Paper, and my Group or Unit Topic for the Group Web Page are all different assignments, right?

A. No. The "art history paper" on your artist or culture is actually buried in the middle of your lesson plan. Your Group or Unit Topic is the theme of your START Lesson and for your Group Web Page.

Q. I can pass this class without having taught my START Lesson, as long as it is scheduled, right?

A. No. Students who do not turn-in a completed START Form with their Final Notebook will not be able to pass this class.

Community Service Art Projects

Q. I can pass this class without doing the three community service activities listed in the syllabus (Crayola DreamMakers Gala Reception, The Imagination Festival, and Global Wildlife Center's Earth Day, for Spring 1998). Right?

A. No. Students who don't complete the community service activities will not pass this class. If, for some legitimate reason, you cannot attend one of these activities, you will be given an assignment of my choosing that will take up about the same about of time the activity took up. This assignment will be completed successfully to my satisfaction and in a timely manner. If you already know that you cannot attend these activities please notify me and drop the class.