Southeastern Louisiana University
English 101   Section  ____     Fall 2012
Instructor: Elisabetta LeJeune
Office: D. Vickers Room 357
Phone: (985) 549-5765
Blackboard course site location:
Office hours in D. Vickers 357
MW 12:30-2:00 and    TTh 12:30-3:30

Course description
Freshman Composition. Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite: English ACT score of 18 or above. Instruction and practice in the basic principles of expository writing: the paragraph and the whole composition, the methods of development, the thesis, the outline and organization, the structure and style. Instruction in functional grammar, sentence structure, diction and spelling, punctuation and mechanics, in direct relation to the studentís writing.

Course Objectives
A complete list of the  objectives for this course is available in the rental text Little, Brown Handbook.

Textbooks and materials
Little, Brown Handbook (rental)
Word and Image (rental)
A desk dictionary such as Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary or The American Heritage Dictionary
Loose leaf paper, blue or black ink pens, two plain pocket folders

A: Excellent This essay is characterized by masterful control of purpose and by graceful expression. The content is of compelling interest; the organization and style enhance the meaning. The essay shows evidence that the writer regards the audience as intelligent and discriminating. The essay has virtually no mechanical problems.
B: Good This essay has the clarity and coherence of an adequate essay yet also has depth of content. The organization is impressive. It displays independent thought and a concern for careful expression with virtually no mechanical errors.
C: Adequate This essay is characterized by clarity of purpose and coherence of structure. Its content is usually not developed beyond the obvious, however, and organization is unsophisticated. It may have a few mechanical errors.
D: Poor This essay, while passing, is not satisfactory. It may lack clear purpose, coherence, or sufficient content. It may have weak use of language and bothersome mechanical errors.
F: Unacceptable This essay is characterized by any of the following: Unclear purpose; incoherent organization; inadequate, irrelevant, or illogical development; little originality of thought; reliance on clich?s; inappropriate word choice; ineffective or incorrect sentence structure; numerous or significant problems with mechanics and grammar.

Grading policy
To pass the class,  you must complete and turn in all course work.  Your final grade will be determined by the following: