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The empirical relevance paper will provide an in-depth study of a theorist or a group of similar theorists.

Activity and Directions

The paper is a part of the entire process of understanding the theoretical formulation of a particular nursing theorist. Prior to this final paper, the student will have provided a brief introduction of the theory, a creative model explanation and a "user friendly" handout to class peers. This formal paper follows these activities and serves to incorporate all elements for an in-depth written presentation.

Content of Paper

Listed below are several elements required in the paper.
§ Describe basic components of the theory
§ Identify theorist
§ Present literature review
§ Describe relevance of the theory to you as an individual and as a nurse, to the profession of nursing, to health care of society and to the recipients of health care (individuals, families, and groups in their environments)
§ Describe application in practice settings, especially advanced practice settings
§ Summarize three current research articles that use this theory as a guide for nursing research (include statements about what is common and/or different among studies and identify two major research questions[implications for future research])
§ Provide schematic models of the theory (from the literature and your creative explanation)
§ Summary statements


The paper will be graded for APA format, content accuracy, presentation of relevance and summary. The following evaluation tool will be used.
I. Identification of theorist (included significant information regarding
history, background of theorist, etc.) (0-5)________
II. Identification of basic components and major relationships in
conceptual model (schematic models included) (0-30)_______
III. Literature review (may be incorporated in other sections)
A. Identified primary source for theory identification. (0-5)_______
B. Explored research related to theory (0-5)_______
C. Used variety and number of references sufficient for analysis(0-5)_______
IV. Relevance
A. Personal relevance described (0-5)_______
B. Relevance to the profession
1. relevance to nursing discipline, education, research,
practice and administration provided (0-15)______
2. conceptual model analyzed and evaluated using accepted standards (0-10)_____
3. relevance to health care and the client discussed (0-5)_______
4. application to practice setting provided (0-5)_______
V. Summary (a clear, concise abstraction of key elements of paper)(0-5)_______
VI. Format (precise APA style and professional writing) (0-5)_______
TOTAL _______


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