Chemistry and Physics Seminars: Spring  2017
 (unless otherwise indicated, seminars take place in Room 211 of Pursley Hall on Fridays from 12:00 to 1:00 yes, we know that's lunchtime)

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Speaker Topic
13 January Dr. Kirsten Dorans
Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

The air we            
Air pollution and
                          cardiovascular disease

16 January
ML King Holiday
20 January
Dr. Peng Tao
Southern Methodist University

Potential energy surfaces from a chemist's point of view
27 January
Dr. Bruce Atwater
Angelo State University

Natural Product Synthesis, Methodology, and Medicinal Chemistry: The Life and Times of an Organic Chemist
03 February
Patrick Flowers
Duke University
3D Printed Electronics
10 February
Dr. Prem Chanda
 The Scripps Research Institute Purdue University

Diastereo- and Enantioselective Boron-mediated Aldol Reactions
Total Synthesis of  Duocarmycin SA and Yatakemycin Analogs

17 February
Dr. David Bwambok
Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry

"Task-Specific  Ionic Liquids for Chiral Analysis, Analytical Separations and Bioimaging"
24 February
Dr. Natalie Romano
Armstrong State University

Photophysical properties of amphiphilic naphthalene diimide nanoassembles and cadmium sulfides nanoparticules and poly(phenylene-ethynylene) nanocomposites.
27 February -
03 March

Mardi Gras Holiday

10 March
17 March TBA
24 March Jeff Ortego
SPX Clyde Union Pumps
31 MarchPatrick Bach
Mahitha Koduri Addison Wallace

Southeastern Louisiana University
Projectile Motion:
How come nobody ever noticed this?

Snake Lenses: Hard or Squishy?
07 April Dr. Thomas Sommerfeld
Southeastern Louisiana University
14 April
Spring Break
21 April Spring Break
28 April CLAB 411 Student
Southeastern Louisiana University
Leszek Malkinski
University of New Orleans


05 May CLAB 411 Students
Southeastern Louisiana University