Chemistry and Physics Seminars: Fall  2015
 (unless otherwise indicated, seminars take place in Room 211 of Pursley Hall on Fridays from 12:00 to 1:00 yes, we know that's lunchtime)

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Speaker Topic
23 January
Dr. David Norwood
Southeastern Louisiana University
Hot, Flat and Crowded
30 January
Dr. Clayton Loehn
Louisiana State University
Shared Instrument Facility
Institute for Advanced Materials

06 February

13 February
Dr. T. Kieth Hollis

Mississipi State University
S4 – Science Solving Society’s Struggles
16-18 February Mardi Gras Holiday

20 February
SLU Physics Students

Southeastern Louisiana University
Prep for the March Meeting
of the American Physical Society

27 February
You Be The Chemist
06 March
March Meeting of the American Physical Society
13 March
Dr. Jonah W. Jurss
University of Mississippi
Artificial Photosynthesis: Progress Toward Visible-Light Driven Water Splitting
20 March Aimee Hickman
Wadsworth Cengage Learning
OWLV2 – Unique Mastery Learning Approach for CHEM 107
27 March Elizabeth Jee
"Clock Reaction Kinetics and their role in Time-Lapse Polymerizations"
03 April Spring Break

10 April Spring Break
17 April
Dr. Jeffrey Bell
Southeastern Louisiana University
Metaphysics and Ethology
24 April Dr. Willie Rockward
Morehouse College
We C.A.R.E. – An emphasis on Recruitment/Retention/Research of 1st & 2nd year majors
01 May Amber Bordelon
Albemarle, Inc.
"Successes and Challenges in High Throughput Experimentation"
08 May
411 Students