Chemistry and Physics Seminars: Spring  2011
 (unless otherwise indicated, seminars take place in Room 211 of Pursley Hall on Fridays from 12:00 to 1:00 yes, we know that's lunchtime)

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Speaker Topic
21 January
 Phillip Voegl
Southeastern Louisiana University
Environmental Research in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin
28 January
Bill Parkinson
Southeastern Louisiana University
NMR for Fun and Profit
4 February

11 February
Dr. Mary Ellen Zvanut
University of Alabama at Birmingham
GaN LEDs illuminate the world: But what's up with the Mg?
18 February
Kieth Hollis
The University of Mississippi
Carbenes, carbenes, everywhere, nor any that react?
N-Heterocyclic Carbene Pincer Complexes:
Development, organic applications & nanotubes. 
25 February
Jijun Lao
Louisiana State University
Molecular dynamics simulation studies of surface-stress effects in metallic nanostructures
4 March
Dr. Osamu Umezawa
Dr. Motoaki Morita

Yokohama National University
"Introduction of Research Projects in Physical Metallurgy Group, YNU"
"Analysis of crystal plasticity by Taylor theory and Japanese students' life"
7-9 March Mardi Gras Holiday

11 March
Professor Masahiro Ehara
Institute for Molecular Science, Japan
"Photophysical chemistry and theoretical spectroscopy:
recent progress in SAC-CI approach"

18 March
Southeastern Louisiana University
"Research Performed by SEALs for Local Businesses"
25 March no seminar due to
Career Paths in the Physical Sciences
1 April Dr. Robby Petros
University of North Texas

Beyond Platinum:  Emerging Opportunities for Bioinorganic
Chemistry in the Field of Targeted Drug Delivery.

8 April
Jeffrey Bell
Southeastern Louisiana University
"Scientism and the Philosophy of Physics"
15 April
Dr. Eric Booth
Southeastern Louisiana University
The Launch Problem:
Some Approaches and Their Limitations
22-29 April

22-29 April
6 May
Dr. Anthony Bell

University of Southern Mississippi
Do aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and elongation factor (EF-Tu)
have a major role to play in drug development?