Chemistry and Physics Seminars: Spring  2010
 (unless otherwise indicated, seminars take place in Room 211 of Pursley Hall on Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 3:00)

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Speaker Topic
22 January
29 January
Mat Guers

finite element analysis
to study ultrasonic nondestructive
evaluation measurements 
5 February
12 February
15-17 February
Mardi Gras Holidays  
19 February
Dr. Willie Rockward
Morehouse College 
Diversity Issues in Physics and Chemistry Depts.
26 February
5 March
Dr. Brian Novak
Louisiana State University 
Molecular Dynamics Simulations
of Biotin Carboxylase
12 March
19 March
Monica Moldovan

Medical Physics Resident

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
I. "Medical Physics as a Career"
II. "Tomotherapy Research Projects
at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center"
Spring Break  
16 April
Dr. Monica Sylvain
Louisiana State University 
"Spectroscopic Investigation of the use
 of an Achiral Molecular Micelle in
Gel Electrophoresis Protein Separations"
23 April
Dr. Carlos Astete
Louisiana State University 
Antioxidant nanoparticles 
as delivery systems
30 April
Rebecca Weber and John Gaffney tba 
7 May